Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition

What the winners have to say

about the NIJPC

2012 Winner, Jeremy Siskind.  U.S.A.

"The Nottingham International Jazz Competition provides a special opportunity for outstanding pianists from all over the world to gather and share musical ideas, pianistic ambitions, and personal camaraderie. Winning the competition has given me increased recognition, credibility, and a beautiful new instrument! My experiences at the competition have given me lasting friendships and important perspectives on music and the world."  





2010 Winner, Logan Thomas. U.S.A.

"The NIJPC is one of the best jazz piano competitions in the world!  It is very well organized and classy, the competitors are always top notch and inspiring, and the judging panel is truly fair in taking into consideration unique personal creativity and interpretation of language.  The NIJPC was one of the greatest and most memorable experiences of my life!"





2008 Winner, Dan Whieldon.  U.K.

"Taking part in and winning the NIJPC was a great experience for me all round.  It was memorable playing for the panel and the audience in a top venue and the result certainly boosted my confidence.  

The gigs that followed, such as the Vortex and the 606 were a fantastic part of the prize. However, the highlight for me would have to be the Blüthner piano  I won which completely changed everything for me- I'm still loving playing it to this day.

What a great competition and initiative from Clement Pianos!"

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